Vintage Porsche

Vintage Porsche

NEWS Vintage Porsche Ludwig Bemelmans Marc Vaux Georges Rouault Kenneth Lochhead Taichiro Nakay Heat Treated Sapphires Hunt Slonem Victor Vasarely Tiffany Hardware Gerhard Richter TULLE by Buccellati Classic Cars SHARE For many automotive enthusiasts, the thrill of owning a vintage Porsche is unparalleled. These iconic German sports cars have long been revered for their exceptional […]

California Car Sales

California Car Sales

NEWS California Car Sales John Wayne Collectibles Antique Rugs The Beatles Collectibles Storing and Displaying Collectibles Militaria  Collecting Meissen Swarovski  Concert Posters Rare Chanel Collectibles Pocket Watch Collections Baseball Card Collections Vehicles SHARE A California car is a vehicle that was purchased and primarily driven in the state of California. These cars have a reputation […]

What are the easiest cars to sell in California?

car sales

Vehicles SHARE California is known for being a place where car ownership is not just a necessity, but a part of a lifestyle. With its vast and diverse territory, it’s no wonder that Californians are always on the lookout for a ride that can take them through every terrain. However, when it comes to selling […]

Everyone loves classic cars


Everyone loves classic cars. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin We all appreciate, and likely take for granted, the ‘comfort’ features of new cars today like AC, power windows, alarms controlled by our keys, dual pane windows, and so much more, but people of a certain age don’t care about such features […]

1928 Hupmobile

1928 Hupmobile

October 16th Sale $35,000.00 or best offer 1928 Hupmobile 60 Chevrolet Straight 6 250 91 Corvette 700 R Automatic Transmission 8″ Ford rear (Hwy Gears) Speed Way Front Axle Disc Breaks Manual Steering Box 15 and 16″ Tires Contact for more details

Auction or consign antiques in Orange County California


What we do We auction and consign all types of antiques research, valuate, market, sale, consign, or auction. California Estate Sales and Auction Company’s primary focus is fine art, fine jewelry, and rare collectibles. Over the past 35 years the firm has established itself as one of the primary art dealers in the nation with […]

Another Successful Orange County Classic Car Sale


Another successful classic car sale in Orange County. Yep, another buy, enjoy, sell, repeat story. One of our regular Orange County clients finally decided to sell her Mercedes SL 500 with the classic lines that all car lovers appreciate. She barely drove it. In fact it never left Orange County. The farthest she ever drove […]

Classic Cars our passion


Classic Cars The term “The good ‘ol days” takes us back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when things were different including the wonderful vehicles of those times. Classic cars had very distinct bold personalities, unlike the cars of today that typically fairly similar.  If only we had known what was to come we all would […]

Classic Mustangs for sale


Did you hear about the unrestored, stock 1967 Ford Mustang with just 2,182 miles? Yep, just 2182 miles. A 1967 Ford Mustang GTA convertible has come on the market for $34,995.00.  It is located in North Carolina and many believe that the asking price is not out of line.  Obviously it’s extremely rare to find this year car, […]

High Quality Items At Our Irvine estate sales

irvine estate sales

Wonderful high quality items offered at our Irvine estate sale. Our recent Irvine estate sale was a big success for both buyers and sellers. Offered for sale were closets of designer clothing for both men and women, fine jewelry, and accessories. Throughout the Irvine home was high end furnishings, art, art glass, antique rugs, a […]