Classic Cars

The term “The good ‘ol days” takes us back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when things were different including the wonderful vehicles of those times.

Classic cars had very distinct bold personalities, unlike the cars of today that typically fairly similar.  If only we had known what was to come we all would have taken better cars and kept hold of them for future gain as well as nostelgia. 

The cars from days gone by were high in style, design, and creative sensibility. The chrome alone made its own statement and the designers never held back.

People often forget that estate sales are a great place to find classic cars, especially from the estate sale firms that cater to the higher-end clientele.

30 years of experience with classic cars

Over our 35 years in estate sales, auctions, and consignments, managing the sale of classic cars is common for us. Celebrity owned to grandpa’s car, Rolls Royces to vintage Volkswagens and everything in between.  Rare cars like vintage Corvettes, Mercedes, Mustangs, and Porsche’s are all vehicles we can sell while always getting the proper market value.  Collectors and investors regularly check in with us for any upcoming opportunities, so sometimes selling a classic car can be a fairly quick process as our buyers are serious.

Not only are we very experienced in handling the sale of classic cars locally here in southern California, we have international contacts for global exposure of our clients vehicles. Additionally our network of buyers is always open to opportunities despite the state of the economy.

Shipping a vehicle anywhere in the world is no problem either. We take care of the entire transaction from start to finish including shipping, paperwork, and payment.   

We treat classic cars like high value fine jewelry and fine art…with extreme care.  Of course we are fully insured, licenced and bonded. Should additional coverage be required for classic car collections, we are happy to obtain the extra coverage. Senior management of California Estate Sales and Auctions typically manages the sale of classic cars and other high value items personally to insure flawless transactions

When necessary, confidential transactions are not a problem either.  Classic cars can be sold sold via private sale, public sale, auction, or consignment.  Each situation  is different so we do what is best for the client.       

We can assist in the liquidation of classic cars, new cars, and collections.