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As you know, many of our veterans and active military members struggle with addiction and mental health issues. People who have PTSD are three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse, and experiencing trauma is a risk factor for substance use disorder.
Our organization is devoted to helping our veterans reacclimatize to civilian life, and combat any addiction or mental health issues they may be experiencing due to their service for our country.

You name it, they’ve done it.  Every kind of campaign in every kind of media.

Need digital advertising, video production, complete overhaul of marketing communications including brand development and identity management?  They’ve got your covered. 

From strategy to tactics, its all about having a bold vision and a bias towards action. 





Since 1996         IPSSA Water Chemistry Certified            Calif License #796305                 Fully Insured-Workman’s Compensation 

Pool Heaven’s 30 years in the industry make them the “go-to” pool company in Orange County for pool maintenance and repairs. 

Their technicians are required to go through lengthy training, participate in continued education, and attend weekly company meetings.

Chlorine pools, salt water pools, spa’s, commercial and residential clients are proudly served.

Free estimates of course.



The Khyber Pass Gallery of Southern California currently operates a showroom in Laguna Beach offering an enchanting range of authentic tribal art. It features various woven art including various type of rugs, collectible jewelry, and accessories that includes musical instruments, special ceremonial clothing,  china, collectible stone antiques and coins, beads, historical glasses and bottles, clay works, woven fabrics, art from Western  Asia and the Far East, and more.            



About the owner:

Lucy Wojskowicz, a holistic health practitioner with focus on nutrition, exercise, and whole body healing, is a licensed massage therapist in Laguna Beach.

She opened Laguna Canyon Spa in 2004 after leading a successful massage practice in Aliso Viejo. Lucy brings a rejuvenating healing touch to balance the bodies of her clients by using a variety of bodywork therapies.           


Luxury Real Estate in Orange County.

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