Gorham Silver Company is a well-known manufacturer of sterling silver, silverplate, and stainless steel flatware and hollowware since 1831. It is still one of the most sought after brands and for good reasons. Gorham Silver pieces are aesthetically pleasing, highly-durable and top-of-the-line quality. Their products are a combination of traditional beauty and modern functionality.

Since it was founded, Gorham Silver’s products have been used by major world leaders, dignitaries, and even presidents of the United States, including Mary Todd Lincoln. The company has produced several iconic designs that have influenced the silver industry, including the Chantilly, Strasbourg and Greenbrier patterns.

Gorham Silver also made other opulent pieces such as tea sets, candelabras, and other extravagant silverware that were used in banquets and high-class events. One of their most famous pieces is the Martelé, which was made by hand by skilled Gorham craftsmen for only a few years. These pieces of silverware are considered as some of the most exquisite and expensive pieces of silverware ever made.

Gorham Silver pieces may be steeply priced but given the durability and quality of their products, they are well worth the investment. Plus, their designs are classic and timeless, so they never really go out of fashion and modern pieces always pay homage to the classic designs.

Overall, Gorham Silver is a testament to the art of silver craftsmanship. Their pieces are elegant, functional, and built to last.