John Wayne, also known as “The Duke,” was one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood history. Known for his strong Western roles, he was an icon in the film industry during the 20th century.

It should come as no surprise that John Wayne memorabilia remains extremely popular to this day, and some of these collectibles can be worth a lot of money. In fact, many fans and collectors have built entire collections around items associated with the actor.

One of the most valuable items associated with John Wayne collectibles are his autographs. Due to his popularity, Wayne’s signature can be worth thousands of dollars, especially if it has been verified by a trusted dealer. One specific example of a valuable autograph was one that was signed by John Wayne and the entire cast of “The Alamo” film, which sold for over $20,000 at auction.

Another popular type of item for collectors are items that come from his films. These can include costumes, props, posters, and even scripts. One of the most valuable examples of a prop can be seen with a hat that John Wayne wore in his 1961 film “The Comancheros,” which sold for over $120,000 at auction in recent years.

His iconic Western hat and boots are some of the most popular pieces to collect. The hat, made famous for its style and size, was actually a custom-made hat which underwent decades of polishing to achieve its signature look. One hat, which was thought to be worn by Wayne in the 1969 film “True Grit”, sold at auction for $119,500.

Another valuable piece of John Wayne memorabilia is his infamous Colt .45, which was featured in many of his films, most notably in “El Dorado” and “Rio Lobo.” In recent years, a Colt .45 that was presented to the Duke sold at auction for over $1.4 million.

Aside from his films, John Wayne’s personal items such as clothing, books, and personal documents are also highly sought after. His copy of “The Birth of a Nation” signed by director D.W. Griffith, sold for $23, 900 at auction in 2011.

Overall, John Wayne collectibles continue to hold high value for fans and collectors alike. His legendary status in Hollywood, coupled with his iconic Western roles, has led to an abundance of memorabilia being available on the market. The impressive values associated with many John Wayne collectibles serve as a testament to the lasting impact he has made on both film history and pop culture as a whole.