Another Successful Orange County Classic Car Sale


Another successful classic car sale in Orange County. Yep, another buy, enjoy, sell, repeat story. One of our regular Orange County clients finally decided to sell her Mercedes SL 500 with the classic lines that all car lovers appreciate. She barely drove it. In fact it never left Orange County. The farthest she ever drove […]

Classic Cars our passion


Classic Cars The term “The good ‘ol days” takes us back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when things were different including the wonderful vehicles of those times. Classic cars had very distinct bold personalities, unlike the cars of today that typically fairly similar.  If only we had known what was to come we all would […]

Classic cars for sale at Orange County Estate Sales


Classic Cars Estate Sale are a great place to find classic cars. You just need to have the right contacts. California Estate Sales and Auction Company has sold many vehicles over their 35 years in business.  Rolls Royce’s, Cadillac’s, Tesla’s, classic Mustang’s, T-Birds’s, classic corvettes, and more. We see classic Thunderbirds more than you would […]