Classic Cars

Estate Sale are a great place to find classic cars.

You just need to have the right contacts.

California Estate Sales and Auction Company has sold many vehicles over their 35 years in business.  Rolls Royce’s, Cadillac’s, Tesla’s, classic Mustang’s, T-Birds’s, classic corvettes, and more.

We see classic Thunderbirds more than you would think. For example, we will have a 1960 Pink Thunderbird for sale at our estate sale next month in Camarillo California, (north Los Angeles County).  The sale starts on November 28, 2018 and will run for four days. Get the details here; 


Vintage Volkswagen Buses

In December 2017 a 1960 Volkswagen bus sold for $207,000.00.  These classic vehicles have been creeping up in price but the last two years the prices have skyrocketed.  The bus known as the “23 window microbus” is considered the most valuable of all.  It used to be that Volkswagens had to be over 50 years old to be valuable…that is no longer true.   

Vintage Ford and Vintage Chevy

Vintage muscle cars come our way occasionally too.  Some in ‘stock’ condition, some with high mileage, and some in mint condition. If you have a vintage car you are thinking of liquidation, contact us for a free consultation. We can take all the hassle out of finding just the right buyer.   


Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling vintage cars in Los Angeles, Orange, or San Diego counties.