Antique Rugs

Antique Rugs

NEWS Antique Rugs The Beatles Collectibles Storing and Displaying Collectibles Militaria  Collecting Meissen Swarovski  Concert Posters Rare Chanel Collectibles Pocket Watch Collections Baseball Card Collections Witco Pulaski  Art by Hunt Slonem Collectibles SHARE Antique rugs are a timeless piece of art that have been passed down from generation to generation, often showcasing the skills and […]

Sable Furs

sable furs

Luxury Goods SHARE Sable furs are considered luxurious and highly valued for their soft and silky texture, warmth, and durability. Sable fur coats, hats, and accessories have been a symbol of wealth and high fashion for centuries. Sable fur comes from the sable, a small carnivorous mammal with fur that is native to Siberia, Russia. […]

What is the most expensive home ever sold in Newport Beach?


Newport Beach’s Crown Jewel: The Most Expensive Home Ever Sold Sets a New Standard of Luxury The most expensive home ever sold in Newport Beach, California is a stunning waterfront estate called Villa Firenze. This luxurious property was sold for a whopping $77 million in June 2020, making it the highest-priced home ever sold in […]

Luxury Mixed Online Auction


Cartier, Patek Phillip, Rolex, Colombian Emeralds, Rolex, Sapphires, Diamonds, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, African and other fine art. Kings Auctions Inc., in collaboration with Kings Auctions California, Kings Auctions Vegas, and Kings Auctions Austin Texas, present their next mixed luxury estate auction that includes Hermes Birkin bags, massive cocktail rings, Cartier and Rolex timepieces, African Art, […]

Beverly Hills Estate Sale – Howard Ruby & Yvette Mimieux

Beverly Hills estate sale

• Celebrity Clients • Beverly Hills Estate Sale Howard Ruby & Yvette’ Mimieux ◦ estate sale ◦ Beverly Hills ◦ California Estate Sales ◦ celebrity cleints howard ruby estate Our 2022 Beverly Hills estate sale for tycoon Howard Ruby and actress Yvette’ Mimieux was a grand event as expected. Enjoy the images and video below […]

Malibu Celebrity Owned Estate Sale

Malibu Estate Sale

• Celebrity Clients • california estate sales does Malibu ◦ estate sale ◦ Malibu ◦ California Estate Sales ◦ celebrity clients celebrity owned estate California Estate Sales and Auction Company contracts with another celebrity owned estate this time in beautiful Malibu California. the project This luxury estate, on it’s own plateau, perched in the Malibu […]