Lionel Trains collections

train set

Lionel is an American firm that manufactures toy trains, model trains and parts out of North Carolina. It was subsequently purchased by Richard P. Kughn, Detroit-based real estate developer (and railroad enthusiast) in 1986. Then in 1995 it was purchased by The Martin Davis Investment Group. Then Lionel changed hands again in 1995, when Kughn sold […]

Asian Art, Furnishings, and Accessories

asian art

Asian Art, Objects, & Furnishings What Exactly Is Asian Art? Asian art typically consists of items from China, Korea, Japan, India, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East that have significance. It would include items such as ceramics, textiles, screens and paintings and prints, sculptures, bowls, baskets, and even clothing and jewelry. Older items carry much […]

New and Vintage Brooches


You don’t have to be Queen Elizabeth to wear and love broaches. I remember my grandmother always wore a brooch on her coat, dress, sweater, or jacket, not only when she left the house, but around the house! She also wore false eye lashes into her 90’s, I never saw her without lipstick, and she […]

Vintage Posters Wanted


Estimate value $850.00 Vintage Posters are in high demand. The demand for nostalgia has never been higher.  We see vintage looking posters in model homes, in malls, at art shows, and such, but the original linen backed pieces have been quietly increasing in value and will never go out of style.  For those who chose […]

1928 Hupmobile

1928 Hupmobile

October 16th Sale $35,000.00 or best offer 1928 Hupmobile 60 Chevrolet Straight 6 250 91 Corvette 700 R Automatic Transmission 8″ Ford rear (Hwy Gears) Speed Way Front Axle Disc Breaks Manual Steering Box 15 and 16″ Tires Contact for more details

Tiffany Lamps

tiffany lamp

Tiffany Lamps Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany started the Tiffany Lamp company rather than joining the family’s famous jewelry business. Louis then became on of the most significant artists during the period of Art Nouveau. Louis opened “Tiffany Studios”, and his early, most famous jobs included the Lyceum […]

Collectible Asian Pottery

asian art

Collectible Pottery California Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale of all types of important pottery. Whether it’s from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, 20th century, or 19th century, we can valuate, research if needed, and sell your important pottery via public sale, private sale, consignment, or auction. As we have a […]

Collectible Chinese Jars


Chinese Ginger Jars From inexpensive  functional storage to stunning fine art, Chinese ginger jars have become the go-to piece for decorators, collectors, and people just wanting to update their decor.  These jars are most easily identified by their high shoulders and domed lids. Ginger jars come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes […]

BAUHAUS furniture


Bauhaus Have you seen a chair like this? It can be worth about $85,000 It’s chairs like this that you want to keep an eye out for when attending estate sales.  Few realize that chairs like these can be valued in the range of $50,000-$85,000. Bauhaus got it’s name from a German art and design […]

Auction or consign antiques in Orange County California


What we do We auction and consign all types of antiques research, valuate, market, sale, consign, or auction. California Estate Sales and Auction Company’s primary focus is fine art, fine jewelry, and rare collectibles. Over the past 35 years the firm has established itself as one of the primary art dealers in the nation with […]