Tang Dynasty Pottery

Tang Dynasty

NEWS Tang Dynasty Pottery What are the easiest cars to sell in California? How to spot a fake Chanel bag Fendi Resale Orange County Art Museum The Cartier Panther Charity events in Orange County CA How to prepare when buying fine jewelry at auction. Hollywood memorabilia How are Hermes scarves made? Which Rolex watches are […]

Malibu Celebrity Owned Estate Sale

Malibu Estate Sale

• Celebrity Clients • california estate sales does Malibu ◦ estate sale ◦ Malibu ◦ California Estate Sales ◦ celebrity clients celebrity owned estate California Estate Sales and Auction Company contracts with another celebrity owned estate this time in beautiful Malibu California. the project This luxury estate, on it’s own plateau, perched in the Malibu […]

Vases and Vessels

fine art

Vases, Vessels, and Values Researching values before selling is crucial….or just hire someone who knows. Vases Jars, Cachepots and Jardinières Urns When it comes to offering high value decorative collectibles for sale you must get the price right. Priced to low will create regret for years to come and priced too high can tarnish the […]

Dealing in art


Abstract Art Whether you own Curvilinear Abstract Art, Color-Related or Light-Related Abstract Art, Geometric Abstraction, Institutional Abstract Art, Gestural Abstract Art, Minimalist Abstract Art, we can assist you in public or private sale, consignment, or auction. California Estate Sales and Auction Company’s primary focus is of fine art and fine jewelry. Some of the most […]

Decorative Items

antique clocks

Decorative Items Art glass, mantle clocks, sculptures, candelabras, mirrors, urns, art, books, music boxes, vases. Many people will remember grandma’s antique clock that sat on her mantle above the fireplace in the living room. It was never moved over all the years. It may have even been gilded with gold.  She may have had a […]

Asian Art, Furnishings, and Accessories

asian art

Asian Art, Objects, & Furnishings What Exactly Is Asian Art? Asian art typically consists of items from China, Korea, Japan, India, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East that have significance. It would include items such as ceramics, textiles, screens and paintings and prints, sculptures, bowls, baskets, and even clothing and jewelry. Older items carry much […]

Collectible Asian Pottery

asian art

Collectible Pottery California Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale of all types of important pottery. Whether it’s from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, 20th century, or 19th century, we can valuate, research if needed, and sell your important pottery via public sale, private sale, consignment, or auction. As we have a […]

Collectible Chinese Jars


Chinese Ginger Jars From inexpensive  functional storage to stunning fine art, Chinese ginger jars have become the go-to piece for decorators, collectors, and people just wanting to update their decor.  These jars are most easily identified by their high shoulders and domed lids. Ginger jars come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes […]