Orange County California

Orange County Art Museum


The Orange County Art Museum is a renowned museum located in Newport Beach, California, which is home to an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art. It was founded in 1962 under the name The Newport Harbor Art Museum, but later rebranded as the Orange County Museum of Art in 1997. The museum moved to a new location in 2018 and changed its name again, now simply named the Orange County Art Museum.

The space itself is a stunning architectural marvel, a four-story structure of glass and metal that offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding landscape. With over 3,000 works in its collection, ranging from paintings and sculptures to installations and mixed media creations, the Orange County Art Museum is a must-visit destination for art lovers of all ages.

The museum’s permanent collection features works by celebrated artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Edward Ruscha, and Helen Lundeberg, in addition to numerous rotating exhibitions that showcase contemporary, emerging artists. The museum also hosts special events, lectures, and workshops, making it an ideal spot for anyone who wants to explore and learn about modern and contemporary art.

One of the museum’s most significant attractions is its recent acquisition of thousands of works from the collection of longtime supporter and collector, Marcia Weisman. This collection includes important works by various artists, including Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, and Georg Baselitz, to name a few. This valuable addition has helped the museum reinforce its position as a primary center for contemporary art in Orange County.

Besides its remarkable art collections, the Orange County Art Museum offers visitors a wide range of amenities, including a museum store, a cafe, and an outdoor sculpture garden. The museum store is filled with art-related books, gifts, and souvenirs, while the cafe provides guests with a dining experience that is both flavorful and light. The serene outdoor sculpture garden is a unique addition to the museum’s facilities and a perfect place to relax and take in the stunning views.

Ultimately, the Orange County Art Museum is an enriching and inspiring haven for art enthusiasts. Whether you’re a serious collector, a casual admirer, or simply seeking a day of adventure and discovery, you can always find something fascinating to explore at this museum. From its world-renowned when it comes to modern and contemporary art to its stunning location and facilities, the Orange County Art Museum truly is a gem that every art lover should experience at least once.