Vintage Items In Demand

In days gone by, antiques used to be the most highly sought ofter items in Estate Sales.  Although we always get antique dealers lining up to have first opportunity at our sales, vintage collectors have become even more popular.  Whether its a vintage dealer, interior designer, or just individuals seeking items for themselves, the call for vintage furnishings, jewelry, and cars, is in great demand.

Some of the most desired vintage items are, vintage furniture, vintage lamps and lighting, vintage designer items like Chanel, Givenchy, Halston, and more.  Even evening dresses, jewelry, and art. 

Recently we saw an Andy Warhol piece of art warrant $700,000.00 here in Newport Beach.  

Antique – 100 years old or more

Vintage – 50 years old or more

Retro – 15 to 20 years old


Classic Cars

Classic cars are also often known as vintage cars. 

We recently relocated a beautiful candy apple Red 1966 Mustang. It belonged to the original owner who was scaling down.  They tell us that they bought the car off the show room floor back in 1966 when it was just $2400.00 and they didn’t opt for the convertible because it was an extra $150.00.

Vintage Hermes

Vintage Hermes scarves, beach towels, clothing, or items for home are all highly desirable.

Hermes scarf
vintage chairs

Vintage Furnishings

Hold on to your hats because people are serious about vintage furnishings.  

Popular home remodeling TV shows have taken the popularity of vintage furnishings to a whole different level. 

Sofas, chairs, lighting, and more. Industrial chic is also included in the category of vintage as well as ‘shabby chic’, pre-owned, mid-century, and other catch phrases.

If its true that good design never goes out of style, then that might explain the attraction to vintage items. Or is it that things were made better 50 years ago? 

When next shopping for furnishings or jewelry, don’t forget to consider vintage.  Even Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave now carry vintage jewelry in their fine jewelry dept.  They refer to it as “retro”. 

Vintage and antique furniture can add so much style to a space unlike a new matching bedroom set from Macys or other typical furniture store.  A vintage purchase will very likely increase in value unlike new mass produced items of today. 

Once you realize the benefits of vintage, you’ll realize that it’s not just for ‘shabby-chic’ lovers, or people who like to ‘recycle’.  You can give your living room a sleek look with a mid-century modern piece, re-upholstered vintage dining chairs in graphic fabric to blend with your decor, or search for materials like chrome and glass for a cool modern inspired look. The best part? Its right in your own neighborhood.  Estate sales are the best place to find vintage items plus your likely to get a price that you will love as much as the new look.

Contact us if you are a buyer or seller of Vintage items in Orange County California.

Roche Bobois
Lignet Roset
Restoration Hardware
Designer Activewear
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Brands we often see are Kreiss, Brown Jordan, Roche Bobois, Lignet Roset, Cantoni, Restoration Hardware, Escada, Pucci, Chanel, Hermes, and Fendi.
In terms of fine art we often see Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring, Hockeny, Banksy, Klaus.