Largest Cartier Collectors

Cartier Collector

NEWS Largest Cartier Collector Tom Wesselmann Ginny Ruffner Karel Appel Pez Collectibles Fulvio Bianconi Art Glass Gold Coins and Gold Bullion Marilyn Monroe Collectibles Star Wars Memorabilia Gorham Silver NASA Collectibles The Beatles Collectibles Collectibles SHARE Cartier jewelry is known for its luxury and elegance, and it’s no secret that the brand has been adored […]

The Cartier Panther


Jewelry SHARE The Cartier panther is one of the most iconic symbols of the French luxury jewelry brand, Cartier. The panther motif first appeared in Cartier’s designs in 1914, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that the panther became a central design element in Cartier’s jewelry line. It was in 1935 that Jeanne Toussaint, who […]

The Cartier Panthers


The Cartier Panthers How the famous panther came to be. You don’t  have to be an animal lover, or a lover of felines to adore the Cartier panthers whether it is a watch, pendant, ring, bracelet,  brooch, cufflinks, handbag, wallet or even a scarf. It was when Jeanne Toussaint first laid eyes on a live […]

Cartier Tank Watch

Cartier tank watch

The Tank Watch The first Tank watch was invented by Louis Cartier in 1917. Believe it or not, it’s rectangle shape was inspired by a tank used during World War I! Over the years Cartier has made all types of variations of their tank watch and just about all other luxury watch companies have jumped […]