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Estate jewelry is defined as jewelry that was previously owned and can be from any period in history. In order for a piece to be considered antique, it must be at least 100 years old. Vintage jewelry, by definition, must be at least 20 years old but Vintage connoisseurs will tell you, however, that a piece should be at least 50 years old to be considered truly vintage.
You might want to take a second look at Grandma’s jewelry. 

The popularity of estate and vintage pieces has been growing the past few years. Vintage Chanel earrings are $1000.00 compared to new ones at $595.00.  Estate jewelry is growing, as the overall jewelry market falters. Since new inventory is fixed and usually mass produced, antique jewelry is sought after by consumers for its unique and one-of-a-kind look.   

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One of our regular buyers told us “Vintage jewelry is becoming as valued as an Andy Warhol piece of art.” In past down economy’s many jewelry collectors tend to unlock their safes and sell heirloom pieces for additional income. Then when the economy is good, people are chomping on the bit to buy. 

Recently one auction house racked up $1,185,000 in less than three hours for estate jewelry even though the original low-end estimate was $600,000 so its a buyers market.

Estate jewelry is not limited to the United States. It has become a global commodity. 

International markets such as Russia, Far East and Middle East, are looking to buy up collectible jewelry just as they do with art. 

It seems that jewelry from the 1950s and ’60s is desired by persons who will actually wear the pieces whereas pieces from the 1920s and ’30s and the Art Deco period, are more common for collectors.

Navigating the estate jewelry market can be challenging–whether at an auction house or at retail. 

When shopping for estate jewelry, look for pieces that fits your personality. Will it go with jeans and a blazer or is it more suitable for evening?  As long as you buy what you love you will be happy with your special find.


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Below are reviews from two of our regular vintage jewelry and Rolex collectors, but please see our testimonials page for further feedback on our service. 

I am a huge collector and absolutely LOVE fashion. I am especially interested in the artistic side of the world of accessories and even more so when these accessories are coupled with mysterious history as is the case with vintage and antique jewelry. The art deco piece that I acquired courtesy of California estate sales/Auctions is one of the most stunning and interesting pieces that I own to date. I could not be more excited about my find and cannot wait to frequent future California estate sales/Auctions.

Cheryl L.   Newport Beach, CA

Thank you Catherine for your high level of expertise in regards to vintage Rolex watches. I had been holding on to several inherited vintage Rolex watches for over 10 years. These timepieces held an exceptionally high value due to their age and  condition. I had been in the market to sell these for the last 2-3 years as I recognized that the level of interest in vintage luxury watches was on an astonishing rise. I researched and approached a handful of reputable vendors but none seemed to have quite the gin the knowh I was looking for in a trusted dealer. While doing more research I came across California Estate Sales and Auctions. I contacted the company and I knew immediately that Catherine was the one to trust with the resale of these cherished timepieces. Her level of expertise and knowledge of vintage luxury watches and her attention to the most minor of detail was second to none. Thanks to her prowess and experience, I was able to acquire top dollar for these watches and could not be more satisfied.

Bart Hawthorne, Laguna Beach CA