As one of the most iconic luxury fashion houses in the world, Chanel has produced some of the most coveted and rare collectibles that are highly sought after by fashion and art collectors alike. The following are some of the most rare Chanel collectibles and their respective values.

1. Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag

Launched in 2008, the Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag is a one-of-a-kind limited edition piece adorned with 334 diamonds, a white gold chain, and made with high-quality alligator leather. Only 13 of these exceptional bags were created worldwide, making it one of the most precious and rare Chanel pieces ever produced. It was sold for an estimated USD 261,000, making it one of the most expensive Chanel pieces to date.

2. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in Black Crocodile Leather

This individual bag is a rare 2014 limited edition featuring an easily recognizable silhouette in black crocodile leather. The hardware is particularly eye-catching, being made of lush brushed gold. Only five bags were produced, with a price tag of approximately USD 48,000 each.

3. Chanel “Lait de Coco” perfume bottle

The “Lait de Coco” perfume bottle is a rare and beautiful collector’s item from Chanel. Created in 1920 by Ernest Beaux, it is made of opaque white glass decorated with a black and white cap, with a fragrance characterized by coconut and citrus notes. Given its age, authenticity has become problematic and can command as much as USD 4,000.

4. Chanel Lesage Tweed Jacket

The iconic Chanel Lesage tweed jacket has been a fashion statement since the 1950s. These jackets undergo a meticulous process, constructed using a variety of fabrics and embellishments, giving each piece a unique look. Chanel partnered with Lesage, a reputable French embroidery studio in the 1960s, to add an extra level of detail to their tweed jackets. The Chanel Lesage tweed jacket remains an extremely rare piece, with certain editions fetching as much as USD 20,000 in auctions.

5. Chanel Sautoir Necklace

A Sautoir Necklace is a traditional long necklace that is often strung on silk and worn long or doubled. Chanel has produced a number of these necklaces over the years, but some of the most rare and sought-after pieces are vintage. These include the 1929 pearl sautoir and the 1932 black and white enamel sautoir that were sold for more than USD 50,000 and USD 250,000, respectively, at auction.

6. Chanel Maltese Cross Cuffs

Chanel Maltese Cross Cuffs are rare vintage pieces designed by Chanel herself. They feature the iconic Chanel Maltese cross, made of pewter or silver and embellished with jewels like rhinestones. These tiny works of art are incredibly difficult to find, and when they do appear at auction, fetch impressive sums of up to USD 25,000.

7. Chanel N°5 Perfume

One of the most iconic fragrances in the world, the Chanel N°5 perfume was created in 1921 by Ernest Beaux. This signature scent is a blend of timeless florals and musk that has attracted a steady following through the decades. Certain rare editions of the perfume, produced for specific events or in collaborations, can sell for more than USD 5,000.

In conclusion, Chanel has established itself as an iconic brand that is synonymous with luxury and class in the fashion industry. The rare and highly sought-after collectibles mentioned above are exceptional examples of the brand’s exceptional aura that continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts around the world. Just like their style and design will be timeless reminders of Chanel’s exceptional roots and reputation.