What are the best things to collect that will become more valuable over time?

Collectables have always captured the interest of enthusiasts, investors, and collectors. There are plenty of items that people enjoy collecting, but few things possess the ability to appreciate in value over time. Here are some of the best things to collect that can increase your investment over time:

1. Art: Art has always been a valuable commodity, and acquiring works of established artists can bring you tremendous returns. Even emerging artists’ works can increase in value if purchased judiciously.

2. Coins: Collecting coins can be an intriguing and profitable hobby. The worth of coins varies depending on their rarity, age, condition, mintage, and historical relevance.

3. Stamps: Stamp collecting is an old, respected hobby, and it’s also one of the most lucrative. Rare stamps can fetch millions of dollars at public auctions.

4. Vintage Cars: If you are passionate about automobiles, vintage cars are a great choice to invest in. Vintage cars can appreciate in value considerably if they retain their original parts and are kept in pristine condition.

5. Wine: Wine is a great collectable, especially if you have a taste for it. The value of wine can increase based on its year, type, and condition. Investing in fine wine may be a long-term commitment but can yield satisfactory returns.

6. Watches: Watches are fascinating pieces of engineering that have stood the test of time. Collecting timepieces that are reliable, rare, and in pristine condition can be a rewarding pursuit.

7. Books: Book collecting is a great choice for those interested in literature. Old and rare books are valuable, and their worth increases based on several factors such as age, condition, first edition printings, and rarity.

In conclusion, investing in collectibles can be a great choice but do not expect to make a quick profit on your investment. It takes patience, shrewdness, and a keen eye to identify pieces that will appreciate over time. Talk to experts, stay up-to-date with trends, and enjoy your collection, and appreciate its worth. Remember, the best things to collect are the things you enjoy.