One of a kind Hermes Chair

Beverly Hills, California

Celebrity Owned

One-of-a-kind Hermes chair in mint condition.  Perfect for the person who truly has everything and appreciates items from the French house. 

Contracted for private sale is this gilded Louis chair covered in suede Hermes fabric displaying the classic Bolduc print in orange with white background. 

The chair has always and only been displayed in a fine art capacity. It has never been sat in, rather was just appreciated for its beauty. It is perfect in every way, flawless fabric, construction, and finish. 

As it is currently celebrity owned, we cannot reveal the owner at this time.  


We regularly curate Hermes items for auction, or public or private sale.   The Hermes Birkin bag is one of the most popular handbags we see however when there’s a collection of Hermes bags it typically includes other styles such as the; Constance, Kelly, Medor, Jige, Evelyn, Jypsiere, Lindy, Garden Pouch, Victoria, and Bolide. Materials typically range from fabric to leather or crocodile. 

Hermes items for home are also highly desirable to buyers and collectors. Some of the most popular items for auction are rare blankets in unusual colorways, rare ashtrays, rare scarves, jewelry, and any vintage Hermes items in mint condition.  

It is interesting to know that it takes three months time to create a Hermes scarf.  All Hermes silk is milled in Brazil by craftsmen that have been weaving silk for the firm for over a half century. The weave of Hermes silk scarves is so dense, although the silk is so fine, the length of thread needed to make 1,000 Hermes scarves is equal to the distance between the earth and the moon. The scarves are so time consuming to produce the price is gladly justified to buyers. To those who appreciate the craftsmanship, a Hermes scarf is not just an accessory, it is a piece of art. There are many periodicals that explain the Hermes scarf making process in detail. It is a worthwhile and enjoyable read.

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