Authentic (or Fake) Louis Vuitton

Some tips to tell the difference between authentic vs counterfeit.

Counterfeit designer items are a $461 billions dollar industry.

Many counterfeit items are purchased with the buyer well aware they are getting a copy-cat, but there are transactions where fake products are being passed off as authentic.  Knowing a few things to look for can save you a lot of  heartache plus it’s fun to see how many people you know are actually carrying the knock-offs.


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The handles and the leather

The handles of Louis Vuitton bags are made with Vachette leather.  It’s a cowhide that has a rich honey color that darkens over time.  When the leather is exposed to use, heat, air, and time, it changes color.  The same is not true of a knock off.  If you’re considering buying a vintage bag at an estate sale or estate auction, and it has bright new looking handles, its a fake.  Louis Vuitton considers the natural change of the color of their leather to be a badge of honor…like a great leather jacket that gets better with age.

Louis Vuitton Stitching

Louis Vuitton stitching is always perfect. Anything sub par would not make it to any retail store.

The stitches are always even and straight with no exceptions. The number of stitches per inch will not change either. There will always be five stitches across each of the tabs where the handles are secured despite the style of bag (Speedy, Shopper, Neverfull, etc). There will never be a ‘half of a stitch’ or a crooked stitch, ever.
Additionally, Louis Vuitton will never wrap plastic or paper around handles or hardware in order to protect them.

Louis Vuitton Hardware

Louis Vuitton hardware is extremely high quality. If it looks cheap, it probably is. A mass producer from China just cannot and will never go to the expense of reproducing the quality of Louis Vuitton hardware. If the hardware is thin, sharp edged, hollow, or bent, it’s a fake. Same with the LV logo on the zipper, it should be crisp and crystal clear and it is usually in brass, (golden or silvery). Again, if it seems low quality, it’s not an authentic bag. 

Even the most discriminating buyers can be fooled because counterfitters go to a lot of trouble to make a sale.  They now even have counterfeit Louis Vuitton boxes, receipts, dust covers, and serial numbers!  

Louis vuitton and other Designer Items

If you are thinking of having an estate sale, or selling one or a collection of Louis Vuitton items (clothing, leather goods, or jewelry), contact us for assistance. 

We will eliminate the burden of  you having to deal with people you don’t know coming to your home, arranging payment and shipping, plus we will get your items in front of the right people for maximum return.