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If you’ve decided to sell a piece of jewelry or a jewelry collection, you righly want to get the best return. A little bit of preparation will serve you well.

Clean and make repairs.

You want your jewelry to make a good first impression and you want an appraisal to be favorable, so clean your jewelry with a good cleaner.  There are excellent jewelry cleaners available for under $20.00, and all that is typically required is to soak your jewelry for about 15 minutes then gently scrub with the brush that accompanies the cleaner.  Or you can use a soft toothbrush. If you are in a hurry, visit your local mall where most jewelers will drop your jewelry in their ultrasonic cleaner and then polish with a soft cloth for no charge.  

Receipts, GIA certifications, or appraisals.

Paperwork and certifications

The more documentation you can provide the better and the more impressed any potential buyer will be.  GIA certifications are the gold standard, original receipt is a plus, and an appraisal that displays carat weight and gold type is most helpful.  Preparing a comprehensive description of the item is also recommended. If you have the original box with certificate of authenticity this would also help in getting the best possible price.


Lastly always work with a firm that is licensed, bonded, and whom you trust.