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Disney Collectibles

Disney collectibles include millions of products associated with Walt Disney’s film studio, the production company, the theme parks, the Micky Mouse Club, work by Walt Disney before the birth of his giant brand, and Walt Disney himself. 

 Not everyone realizes that Walt Disney’s first animation studio, Laugh-O-Gram Films, went bankrupt in 1923.  It was after this event that Walt moved to Los Angeles where his brother Roy lived. It was in Los Angeles that the “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio” was created, which of course was later renamed Walt Disney Studios.
Their premier cartoon figure was Mortimer, which was later renamed ‘Mickey’.  Mickey’s first big public release was in the film “Steamboat Willie.” After the mouses name was changed to Mickey, the Mickey Mouse Club started just south of Santa Monica California. The purpose of the show was to teach good manners to kids while enforcing Disney films and the brand in general. Within two years the Mickey Mouse Clubs included more than a million members worldwide. At this point characters like Peg Leg Pete, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy were made into dolls, puppets, figurines, painted onto lunchboxes, and a wide range of toys.

Disney soon decided that their characters needed updating so their outfits and physical features were modified.  If you own any Disney items that still have the older features they are extremely valuable.

Often Disney collectibles are referred to as Disneyana. The market for Disney memorabilia really took off after Disney’s famous “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The success continued years later with the releases of “Pinocchio,” “Dumbo,” and “Bambi”. Disney characters can now be found banks, tea sets, cookie jars, jigsaw puzzles, clocks, toothbrushes, musical instruments, lamps, and more.

In July of 1955, the Disneyland amusement park opened in Anaheim, California providing  a major platform for even more sales of merchandise.

The interest in Disney memorabilia peaked in the 1960s with the iconic Mickey Mouse watch leading the way as well as other sales of Disneyana (new and vintage). 

Walt died in 1966, and his brother Roy in 1971 and many collectors consider the 1930s to 1960s to be the premier years of Disney memorabilia.

Some of the valuable Disney items to date include The Band Concert film (1935) celluliod at $420,000, Hands Off My Plaything (1975) artwork – $204,000, and Cinderellas castle covered in crystals for $37,000. 

Whether you have Disney posters, Black Diamond videos, figurines, Swarovski figurines, autographs, documents, letters, cells, printing blocks, books, or other items, we can assist in liquidation by private or public sale or auction.  

Disney videos
Black Diamond Set $80,000
Disney collectibles
Swarovski figurine $24,000
Cinderellas shoe
Swarovski $60,000
Figurines $50,000
Disney poster
Disney poster
Walt Disney
Original oil $70,000
Disney collectibles
1931 Newspaper $17,000.00

The Disney ‘Black Diamond‘ term refers to the original Walt Disney Classics series  of VHS tapes that were created between 1984-1994. They were noted for their Walt Disney Classics logo, which was shaped as a black diamond and can be found on the spine of the tape case. They have become extremely desirable with values as high as $90,000.00 depending on the film and condition.