classic car

The Wanted List Orange County:

Below are some of the items on the wanted list from people in Orange County, mostly Newport Beach. 

People are willing to pay top dollar and in some cases they advised “money is no object”.  If you have any of the things on this list, we may have a buyer for you. 

Vintage Porsche

Vintage Mercedes

Vintage Corvette

Hermes shoes
Hermes blouse
Sitting Cheetah by Loet Vanderveen
Diamond cuff bracelets
Alhambra earrings by Van Cleef & Arpels 
Alligator pumps
Roberto Cavalli leopard sheets  
Fluerette or Loro Piano cashmere coats
Swakara broadtail lamb coats in black 
Hermes scarf box
Dior shoes
Bentley or Maybach 
Handmade shoes
At home dry/infared sauna
Chanel caviar handbags, jumbo & large 
Chanel suits
Missoni dresses
Mikimoto south seas pearl necklaces
Yellow sapphire rings 
Modern diamond bracelets  
Opus 1 wine
Baccarat crystal panther statue
Baccarat chandelier or lamp
Burberry trench coat 
Kwiat diamond jewelry

The Wanted List in Los Angeles:

Blue Star Sapphire 60+ carats

Bally fur handbags



Gold coins

vintage Corvettes &Porches

Russian sable coats

Massive cocktail rings

Vintage Chanel anything

B&B Italia and Minotti furnishings

Andy Warhol art

Otto Zitko art

Sinatra memorabilia

Clint Eastwood memorabilia

Al Held art

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

Rolex watches

Piaget watches

Here’s how it works.

People consign items with us for either private sale, public sale, or auction. We then offer the item(s) to our network of investors, collectors, jewelry-lovers, car enthusiast, Hollywood collectors, and other applicable buyers. This is often all that is needed in order to sell high value items, or the item may be offered to the world via auction. In many cases, fine jewelry and fine art sell quite quickly right here in Orange county, but if the seller is not in a rush, waiting for just the right buyer is perfectly reasonable.

Depending on the state of the market and economy, things can seller faster or slower than usual.  For example, as of the date of this post, gold, coins, Rolex watches, and classic cars are very likely to start flooding the market due to the bear market.  We may be looking at a buyers market so feel free to consult with us if you have any questions about resale.