Rolex Rainbow Collectibles

There aren’t too many watches like these that is for sure, but perhaps that is why everyone is scrambling to buy and sell.

Rolex rolled out this bold new look and it instantly became the “must have item” to Hollywood, rock stars,  socialites, as well as the most high profile Rolex collectors all over the globe.

The watches come in yellow gold and white gold but the rose gold has really rattled everyone’s cage.  The bezel typically contains 36 baguettes in various types of colored configurations: rainbow gradation, all the same, all different, etc and the mid-case is typically set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The rainbow technique has been applied to the Rolex collections of the: Daytona, DateJust, Yacht-Master, Submariner, and Day Date.   

Demand for these Rainbow beauties has been picking up steam for the past few years and often they have been selling for more than double their original price.  Although they may not appeal to the typical Rolex consumer, they are set to be one of Rolex’s crown jewels long term. 

Since these watches are produced in limited quantities, and they have become such a highly desired item, there are now replicas in the market. Most are made with an authentic Daytona watch then fitted with gemstones ranging from glass to crystals and even sometimes genuine stones, but they are of course low quality.  A modified Daytona Rainbow is significantly less expensive than an original. A  stainless steel version goes for about $21,000, whereas a gold model costs around $31,000. Make sure you are buying and selling from a professional and who has expertise with Rolex watches of all styles and ages.

Other Rolex watches we typically consign, auction, or sell in public or private sales are: