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pearls, diamonds, and colored stones.

Fred Samuel, born in Argentina, was born into the business of precious stones. His passion from the start was for pearls and quickly became recognized as an expert in the field.

Fred worked with the finest quality pearls, and was specifically intriqued with those with a pink tone that came to be called “FRED-colored” pearls.

In the 1950’s Nepalese king and queen commissioned Fred to provide them with jewels and from here his popularity soared.

Today the brand (also known as “Fred Paris”) offers a wide range of vibrant, naturally colorful stones which include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts and even quartz which provide so many various shades of gold. Also used are other precious and semi precious stones and materials including lacquer, enamel and mother-of- pearl. 

Characteristic found in many of FRED’s creations are buckles, cables, cords and links (flexible or fixed) or a combination of several.  It is not uncommon for FRED’s designs to create pieces with multiple colors and setting techniques for maximum effect.


Fred resale

We have buyers for Fred jewelry, other designer jewelry, and custom made jewelry.

We have buyers, including collectors and investors, always open to purchasing all type of jewelry or loose stones. If you have any jewelry by Fred, or other types of jewelry we can assist you in getting the highest return for your valuables. We also offer an appraisal service for updating insurance documents, or other matters that require valuations. 

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We offer free consultations by phone or in person, at the location of your choice.

We are of course licence and bonded and carry liability insurance to cover any value required.  From a one of a kind gem, to life long jewelry collections, there’s no project too large or too small.  If we need to provide a Brinks truck for transportation of your gems, that will be arranged.   


Although our main office is in Corona Del Mar California, we also have locations in Beverly Hills, Rancho Mirage, Las Vegas, Austin and Houston Texas,  Palm Beach Florida, and New York. Just let us know how and where we can best serve you.

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