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Our recent Newport Beach estate sale included furnishings from Boca do Lobo and Essentials Home.  I admit I was not familiar with the brands, but I am now, and now I am hooked. After 25 years of loving modern Italian furnishings I have a whole new appreciation for what I have been missing.  As Boca do Lobo is only 14 years old and Essentials Home is only 5 years old, I’m glad I didn’t miss out on too much. Naturally I already have a wish list started, it includes the “Marie” chair,  the “Robin” mirror, and “Lapiaz” and “Monocles” sidebars for starters (all show below).   

BOCA DO LOBO is a Portugal designer furniture firm that holds the title of ‘most expensive furniture’ company in the world. Their furnishings are exquisite. The firm describes their products as ’emotional’ but I describe them as ‘rich, luxurious, and breathtaking’. They utilize a lot of gold in their finishes but in the most tasteful way. If you like exotic wood, organic shapes and opulence you will likely be impressed too. Sadly their closest dealer is in New York and after multiple searches on line, I cannot find any other methods of buying so all we can do is hope to find more pieces for sale at the resale level.       

Essential Home is mid-century modern inspired furniture brand that takes important historical and cinematographic references and remakes them into striking modern pieces with a Hollywood flair. Many items you’d expect to see in the apartment of James Bond back in the 1960’s. The firm started out in 2015 as a furniture company under the brand delightFULL, and has since grown to be one of the most elegant mid-century modern design companies.  They brand is not yet commonly known but word is spreading. One of their most interesting pieces is a sideboard they call the “monocle” that has a little bit of whimsy that would be fantastic in any entry hall (below).  

designer furnishings
designer furnishings

If you have any fine furnishings by Boca do Loco or Essentials Home, contact us for assistance as we have buyers wanting to buy.