Fine art, fine jewelry, and classic cars would be our true area of expertise. We have been appraising fine art and jewels for over 35 years, from all around the world. We’ve liquidated large Warhol pieces, large private collections, and full commercial galleries with complete success.  We handle all the inventory, appraisal work, marketing, presentation, sale, and shipping and delivery. We take care of the entire process so the client can relax and let us work on their behalf. 

One of the primary benefits of using a service like ours to liquidate important art is that it eliminates un-vetted buyers coming into your home or location. It is essential that sellers of fine art protect themselves from the fraud and worse.  We take care of your valuables and of course are fully insured for any incident that could occur.  Over our 35 years of service we have never had an incident that required us to file a claim however. You can sleep well at night knowing that your treasures are in a secure location under professional management.   

Call us for a free consultation in person at the location of your choice or lets just get acquainted over the phone. Let us provide you with an over view of how we can help you achieve your goals in liquidation. Now, with a strong economy many people are choosing to ‘take some profits’. Don’t wait too long and be sorry that you missed the open door of opportunity.

As of the date of this post, in terms of fine art, we have buyers for Warhol, Held, Hirst, and Zitko to name a few. In regards to fine jewelry, we have buyers seeking jewelry made with large emeralds, large sapphires, large diamond cocktail rings, and vintage Chanel and other designer pieces.    

Contact us and lets chat.