We consign for our Orange County clients.

I remember the first time I heard of a designer consignment shop in Orange County. It was recycled Rags in Corona Del Mar on Pacific Coast Highway.  I was there within 48 hours of getting notice of it.

I asked and was directed to a few pieces of Escada and Chanel, and browsed all the other designer items. I didn’t buy anything at the time but I did schedule an appointment to return with items I wanted to resell, with the intent to later buy the newest Escada items with the newly found funds. 

I returned with several garment bags full of designer items and within 3 weeks all but a few pieces had sold and I later picked up a check for my efforts. The few items that did not sell in the first 30 days were marked down and did eventually sell. 

As planned my windfall went right back to the Escada boutique at South Coast Plaza, and the cycle began.

Consignment isn’t just for designer goods, but it sure is well suited and a thrill!  Designer furnishings, fine art, fine jewelry, vehicles, and anything of value can be placed on consignment. They key is to get the best consignment firm possible. Finding someone with a long track record, who knows merchandise, with a lot of exposure and network is best.  If they do appraisals, even better. 

Consignment can be beneficial over straight sale because you get the luxury of finding just the right buyer if you’re willing to wait 30-60 days. 

I have since used consignment for home furnishings when I decided I needed all new stuff.  I consider my cosigner my ‘agent’, so i don’t have to deal with people, to put it bluntly. Having someone else handle everything and send me a check is worth every cent. It doesn’t get much better than that. My contribution to recycling.

Rolex resale is a big industry and anyone thinking of buying or selling a Rolex should look into consignment before trying to sell or trade a Rolex themselves. With consignment you will net you a greater return than trading in your Rolex for another one.       

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