You never know where you'll find a treasure.

Even an elephant planter can be worth several hundred dollars.

There’s a new term in decor, its “Madcap Cottage”. Just like it seems, it denotes items from the past, with a whimsy charm, that may have been bought with ‘green stamps’.  For those not old enough to know the reference, Green Stamps used to be given out at the grocery store for free, depending on the amount of our purchase.  People would save them in a paperback book (also provided for free) and then products could be purchased based on how many stamps were collected.  Furniture, appliances, decorative items, and more could be bought, and all complimentary.  Those really were the good-ol-days.  

Other vintage valuables are ceramics from Italy like this Dalmatian statue.  Although it could be considered Cottage Madcap, it could also stand in a transitional home or even a modern home. It is valued at about $500.00-$800.00. It is true that most items of decor from Italy all deserve a second look which shouldn’t surprise anyone as Italy is the home of the most skilled clothing designers, auto builders, and artisans.

It goes without saying that Art glass from Murano Italy is also a widely known collectible treasure by collectors and estate-sale-goers.   

Other items we always keep an eye out for on behalf of our Orange County estate sale buyers and estate sale clients are vintage glass lamps and vintage decorative accessories. It’s so important that if you are thinking of selling off any decorative items of those of a family member, make sure to have a professional evaluate any pieces that might be of value.  The most unsuspecting items could be treasures.  Often we hear about people buying art at thrift shops that end up being worth millions.  You do not want to be the person who sold a music box for $15.00 that was worth $20,000.00    

Vintage Italian Ceramin Great Dane
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Vintage Ceramic Vase
vintage items
Vintage Italian Ceramic Zebra

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