The benefits of consignment

A new year, a new house, a divorce, new job, greater or less income,  inheritance or just wanting all new stuff are some of the events that trigger people wanting to reduce their current load. But what are the benefits of consigning furnishings, accessories, designer items, fur coats, fine art, fine jewelry and alike?

One of the main reasons people choose consignment is because they don’t have to deal with strange people coming into their homes.  Now-a-days, especially in southern California, specifically Orange County, this is a serious issue. Criminals are known to watch for high value item for sale in high profile neighborhoods. This is a real concern.  Having your items offered for sale in another location is a great value on its own.

Most people also just want the cash, rather than doing any kind of trade-in or store credit with a jeweler or gallery.  

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Often times people are just wanting to change their decor and buy all new. If their furnishings are a desired brand name and in good condition,  they rightly chose consignment so their items can be sold and someone else can then enjoy them. Then their funds from the consignment are used towards the new furnishings.  A win-win for all.

Designer items are often bought, used a few times, and then buyers remorse sets in. We have seen this with Nancy Gonzalez handbags, Chanel items, and fine jewelry. People get caught up in the retail moment, just can’t leave behind the beautiful items, and later realize it was a mistake. Consignment is a great option to compensate oneself for items that were purchased in error.   

Ready for a change of space?

It's time to consign.