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What exact is Knoll furniture?

Knoll Inc is a design company that is exclusively licensed to manufacture high design furniture on behalf of the original designers. They are most known for representing designers like Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen and more.

Knoll furnishings can be seen regularly on TV, in movies, celebrity homes, and in magazines like Elle Decor, Archtrical Digest, Metropolitan Home, and alike. You'd be hard pressed to NOT find a Knoll piece in any west LA home even. Even homes with no professional decorating assistance sport Knoll pieces because they are such a staple in Los Angeles and other high style areas.

It is our experience:

these are the most popular Knoll items at our estate sales

Bertoia Chairs

We find these Bertoia chairs at our Los Angeles and Santa Monica estate sales all the time. Bar stools are most common but we also see the side chair, diamond chair, and “Bird” chair. Granted there are knock-offs all over the place, but our clients typically have the real deal. 

knoll chair
knoll chairs

Warren Plattner, table, chairs and stools

This set was created in 1966. It was seen on the set of high profile late night shows and currently sits in the New York office of one of our presidents of the United States. Finding pieces in good condition will bring a very big pay day so if you are thinking of buying or selling any Plattner pieces, contact us before selling. We have buyers ready to buy via photographs.

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Catherine is the CEO and the face of the firm. Her 35 years of experience and track record of success gives clients confidence in choosing Calif Estate Sales.

Once you meet with Catherine you will understand all the positive testimonials.


Lucy is hands on with all our Los Angeles estate sales. She assists in all facets of the process. From determining authenticity of a designer item to reaching out to our international contacts.  Lucy is a great person to have on your team.  



If you’re in need of liquidation prior to listing a property for sale, you’ll have comfort in knowing that Karen works behind the scenes to insure closing dates happen as scheduled. She is also the ‘go to’ person for the valuation of high value items.


“My family had a house full of mid century furniture that we rarely sat on.  I knew it had value just due to the condition but I had no idea it’s actual value until I met with California Estate Sales. My days at the time were extremely hectic and the staff at CES was great at alleviating so many of the problems associated with the liquidation of my parents estate. If it were not for Catherine and her team, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all. 

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