Khyber Pass Gallery

Laguna Beach Liquidation

Announcing stage two of Khyber Pass Gallery liquidation

Friday December 14       Saturday December 15      Sunday December 16         

Bali Decor, Buddha’s, Afgan Collectibles, Lapis, Jewelry, Pottery, and more


Too much to list but decorators, collectors especially will love the items offered for sale. Unique antiques and most importantly, authentic furniture that will serve as the show piece for any room.  Vases and other accessories that are a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase. Many priced to match the mass produced items we see at retail and at design centers.  Antique rugs are priced to move as well.  All sizes and huge selection.     

Those in the area know that Khyber Pass has been the trusted resource in Orange County for handmade tribal rugs, kelims, jewelry and art for 25 years. All one-of-a-kind works of art handmade by highly skilled tribal artisans that utilized techniques that are thousands of years old. 

Some of the best examples of Eastern and Western culture flowed through this location.  Khyber Pass linked East to West and this will be the last opportunity to purchase these unique treasures.


See more photos of the items that will be offered for sale here.

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