What can be found at our California Estate Sales?

There’s something for everybody, especially luxury items!

Designer goods, fine jewelry, fine art, classic cars, and that's just for starters!

Our Newport Beach estate sales are often like a day of shopping a Fashion Island. 

Our clients live and shop in luxury so naturally our estate sales will reflect the same.

Hermes, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tesla, Mercedes, Jackson Pollock, Cantoni, Minotti, B&B Italia, Donna Karen, and alike are typically represented in our coastal estate sales.        

Estate Sale Newport Beach

You can almost “set your Tiffany watch” what will be found at our estate sales.  

Designer everything, fine art, and fine jewelry will typically be part of our Newport Beach or Corona Del Mar estate sales where as Hollywood memorabilia is going to surely be found at our Hollywood estate sales. 

Our San Diego estate sales sometimes have a flair for nautical furnishings and this is especially true when we are liquidating a vacation home along the coast.  

Our estate sales in Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New England all have their own personalities too. 


Outdoor furniture

People forget that estate sales are an excellent place to find outdoor furnishings, especially at the beach.

Outdoor furniture is often overlooked because it’s not as necessary as indoor furniture that is used every day.  Sometimes outdoor furniture becomes part of a real estate transaction but if a seller can sell their outdoor goods, it’s extra cash in their pocket rather than including it in the sale of a home where the funds are often not realized. Vintage outdoor furniture is also quite common at our estate sales as well. Even pieces that are “aged” can be brought back to life with simple powder coating.        

Check our upcoming sales page often to say updated with our scheduled estate sales. Photos are always included so you can get a idea of the items being offered. We also arrange for the auction of some items so if you have special pieces please bring them to our attention.