Orange County Estate Jewelry is in such high demand.

It is both interesting and fascinating to watch the interest in various goods come and go. 

Beenie baby’s, the pet rock, and singing fish all had very short shelf lives, but estate jewelry is a collectible that not only has long term staying-power, it has become an industry

The calls for people wanting estate jewelry are common place now.  Some of the most popular inquiries we get are for vintage Chanel jewelry, vintage diamond jewelry with an art deco style, vintage Cartier, vintage Rolex, and alike. If you are a seller of vintage jewelry of any kind, we have buyers for you!


Vintage diamond and turquoise jewelry is also gaining popularity.  Likely because the turquoise aids in keeping the price down yet provides a lot of color to the piece.  When diamonds are added it then elevates it to the level of fine jewelry. We often find that turquoise and diamond jewelry are very popular in Florida, California, and other resort type communities. 

estate jewelry
estate jewelry
estate jewelry

We recently had a pair of vintage Chanel earrings, with the Chanel box sell for $1200.00 and this was a fast and easy transaction. Both buyer and seller were thrilled with the sale.   


This is a before image prior to our staff taking inventory, tagging, and styling estate jewelry for sale at one of our Orange County estate sales.  

There’s some vintage Chanel, vintage Cartier, Escada, Louis Vitton, pearls, and a Chopard watch with floating diamonds, and we hadn’t even got to the vintage fine jewelry yet.


If the vintage designer jewelry, also sometimes known as ‘fashion jewelry or costume jewelry’ doesn’t appeal to you,  how about this 62 carat vintage Ruby Star with 7 carats of diamonds?  We just acquired this stunner, and it is our pleasure to find its new home for the owner.  


Keep in touch with us if you are a buyer or seller of estate jewelry or if you are thinking of having an estate sale in Orange County California.