Did you hear about the $91 million dollar rabbit sold at auction this week?

Its the highest price ever realized by a living artist.

Who would have thought that a piece of art, inspired by a child’s balloon toy would bring such a massive price tag?  Well the same pieces in small scale are fetching big money so it’s no wonder Koons took his work to this new level.  

The rabbit that took home the big paycheck this week was a three foot tall stainless steel figurine with a mirror finish so shiny you could put your lipstick on in it. 

Just a few months ago we were blogging about a David Hockney piece one of our Newport Beach clients had in their beach home.  Days later the announcement came that a Hockney piece had sold at auction for $90 million, a new record amount. Well that didn’t last long, thanks to Koon’s bunny.  
The auction house had estimated the 3 foot rabbit to fetch around $60 million but shortly after the bidding, the $80 million bid came in shocking all.  After fees, the price out the door was $91,075,000.

For those not familiar with Koons, he’s a 64 year old guy from York Pennsylvania and known for his balloon animal figures. He claims there is no hidden meanings behind the cartoon creatures.    

In 1977 Koons moved to New York and worked at the Museum of Modern Art while he worked on his craft. You would have recognized him as he had dyed red hair red and a pencil mustache, like Salvador Dalí. 

In 1980, Koons sold stocks and mutual funds at First Investors Corporation.

Koons early work was in the form of common items (much like Warhol) like vacuum-cleaners and basketballs mounted in lighted acrylic boxes. His first exhibit was a series of vacuum cleaners in the New Museum in New York in 1980.

In 1983 Koons created basketballs floating in distilled water. The tanks were filled water and a small amount of salt so the balls would appear suspended in mid air. In his second version, the tanks were only filled half way achieving a different look of suspension.

Although Koons first started the inflatable toy sculptures in the 1970s they can be seen world wide and even in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parades. 


3 swans $75,000
3 dogs $59,000
1 swan $13,000

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